Sunday, 31 May 2009

Gardening and a Gymkhana

Hannah has been helping grandma with her garden this afternoon, she has done lots of watering, planting and weeding................

Watering the borders.

Planting marigolds
My lovely little girl in her new hat.

We also went to watch a gymkhana that was being held near grandma's house.

Best In-Hand class.

A dog Hannah made friends with.
The winner of the First Ridden - Hannah's favourite pony of the day.
First Ridden competition.

Gunwharf Quays

Yesterday I took Hannah to Gunwharf Quays which is a shopping outlet village in Old Portsmouth, as she wanted to spend her birthday money.

First she bought her very first bus ticket - she needs one now she's 5.

Then she bought a ride on the Wacky Races..........................
A ride on the carousel..........................

and a go on the trampoline

Then she bought herself some new sandals, a pink raffia sunhat, a children's make up set and a birthday present for her friend Coral. She had a lovely time and learnt all about making the most of her money as well!

A day with a friend.

On Friday Hannah spent the day with her oldest friend Coral, who was on her school holiday. The girls have known each other since they were babies and are still very close even though they only see each other in the school holiday's now.

Here they are on the beach.

Hannah's Family

Hannah asked me to put this picture on her blog as it has lots of her family in it! 

From left there is Grandma, Auntie Anita, Uncle Andi, Daddy, Hannah and Mummy.

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Foxgloves and Lupins

On the way home from our group today we came across this lovely little woodland area in a corner of the park. Hannah and I both love Foxgloves and Lupins so we had to take some pictures. Hannah has been learning about flower pollination and was really interested in the spotted pathway leading the bees to the nectar in the Foxglove, and the little hairs inside the flower to stop other insects from going inside.

Portsmouth Home Education Group Meeting - Mexico

Today was our twice monthly home ed group meeting, and our topic was Mexico. We had a really interesting meeting and the children shared information on Aztecs, Mexican history, Spanish language, religion, native flora and fauna and food. We sampled some amazing cornbread and guacamole made by one of the mum's and another mum brought a variety of different chillies, and chocolate for us to try. Hannah had learnt a little Spanish which she shared with the group, and coloured in pictures of Iguana, Armadillo and traditional Mexican clothing to put in her project.

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Happy Birthday Hannah.

Today was Hannah's 5th birthday. After opening her presents this morning, we went to Manor Farm - a working Victorian farm - with some of her friends. We had a fantastic time there, Hannah was able to bottle feed some lambs, play with some piglets, learn about milking and handle a duckling, baby rabbit and chick. She and her friends dressed up in Victorian clothing and tried out the Victorian school room, looked around the Victorian farmhouse and joined in a craft group making butterflies. It was a really lovely experience. After 5 hours at the farm we went on to grandma's house for a family tea party and more presents. It has been a really memorable 5th birthday :-)

8 am opening presents.

Bottlefeeding lambs with Sydney.
These piglets were just running around the farm and stopped to play with the girls.
Tess, Hannah B, Hannah L, Gabrielle and Sydney
Making Butterflies in the farmhouse.
The Hannah's and Sydney dressed up in the victorian school room.
Looking cute in the barn.
Hannah with a 2 day old duckling
Hannah has a 5 day old chick and Sydney has the duckling.
Waiting for milking time.
More presents at Grandma's house 
A gorgeous wooden stables, horsebox and landrover  - lucky girl!
Blowing out the candles.
Happy with her High School Musical cake!

A Family Party

Hannah went to her first grown up party yesterday - my mum's cousin Karen's 65th birthday party. Hannah was very excited and spent all morning planning her outfit, and then was even more excited when i agreed that she could wear a little bit of make-up for the occasion. She loved the party, she chatted with everyone and danced all evening, she is growing up so fast!

All dressed up ready to go.

"Take one of my make-up mummy"
Dancing Queen
Hannah and Karen

Sunday, 24 May 2009

On the Beach

Here are some of our pictures from today at the beach. As it's England, and May, i packed sweaters and blankets..............i should have packed swimsuits and towels, which is why Hannah is in the sea in her underwear!!

She had a brilliant time paddling, collecting shells and seaweed and sitting in the surf. We also went to the Rock Gardens on the seafront for a picnic where Hannah ran around and around before finally having a rest on daddy!!

It's really cold!!

Actually mummy it's okay once you're in!
Look Seaweed!
Am i wearing enough sunscreen?
See how fast i can run.
And i'm asleep lol!!

Saturday, 23 May 2009

A walk in the Countryside

Hannah and i have been for a walk over Portsdown Hill today, following the footpaths that surround the riding school. It's been beautiful weather, warm and sunny with lots of bees and butterflies around, and Hannah was very excited to watch a tractor ploughing a field and all the seagulls chasing it. We have seen Red Campion and Cow Parsley on the footpaths , and a gorgeous meadow of daisies and buttercups. The views from the top of the hill are fantastic, we never get tired of looking at fields and farmland :-)

On the way down the hill
Some of the grasses are almost as tall as Hannah
Beautiful View
We love this field
On the bridleway
The tractor caused much excitement!!
Riding school ponies grazing.
Red Campion and Buttercups
Cow Parsley
Hannah dancing and twirling her way around a field