Monday, 31 August 2009

Book Sharing Monday

Five Go To Billycock Hill - By Enid Blyton

This is Hannah choice for this week as it is her favourite Famous Five book. She definitely takes after me as i was an avid Famous Five reader and still enjoy reading them to Hannah. Not only does she have almost all of the series now, but she also has them on audio book as well!!

Car Boot Books

My mum and her friend went to a car boot sale on saturday and bought Hannah this fantastic collection of old Enid Blyton book (some of which i remember reading as a child). She is thrilled with them and can't wait to start them!

New Things

We went shopping, which doesn't happen that often, and Hannah got a new autumn fleece, some Charlie and Lola slippers and a leaf canopy for her bed - she is very pleased :-)

Thursday, 27 August 2009

A Ride Out

Hannah went riding again today. She hasn't been going very regularly as she wanted to try Ballet, Modern and Tap instead, and to be honest we couldn't afford all of it, but she has missed the horses so much that she have come up with a compromise. She is sticking with Modern as she really enjoys that, and then continuing with Riding in place of Ballet and Tap. I'm really pleased that she worked out her own solution and is happy with her decision.

The stables where she rides is an old fort, and today a couple of horses were turned out on the roof - it was so funny to see them suddenly appear over the top of the stables!!

Here is Hannah ready to ride
Enjoying the view from the lower slopes of Portsdown Hill


....even when you're 5 you still need mummy milk after a long day!

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Weald and Downland Open Air Museum

We have had a fantastic day today! We went with our home ed group to Weald and Downland Open Air Museum for 'Wonderful Wednesday - Childrens activities'. The museum is in Sussex, near Chichester and is set in 50 acres of countryside, it is the most beautiful setting. There are nearly 50 historic buildings dating from the 13th to the 19th century to see, lots of them have period gardens full of vegetables and herbs, there are also farm animals, woodland walks and a lovely lake.

The buildings have all been rescued from destruction, dismantled, conserved and rebuilt to their original form and bring to life the homes, farmsteads and rural industries of the last 500 years. It is a really fascinating place.

There were plenty of activities for the children to do today and Hannah made a bees wax candle, bread dough (which we baked when we got home),did some clay modelling, painting, made a corn dolly and rode in a horse drawn wagon, among other things.

Here are our pictures from today.....................

The old school house had some traditional games to try

On the horse drawn wagon with her friends.The potting shed
The old School house
Maypole Dancing
One of the beautiful cottages and cottage gardens.
Drying beans for next years planting.
Southdowns Sheep
Farm Animals
Pumping Water
Making an all natural lavender bath bomb.
On the  lake
Making bread dough with Tess

Making her Corn Dolly
Very pleased with the finished product.
Feeding Bizzie Lizzie
The Water Mill
Hannah's loaf made with the dough she prepared earlier.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Book Sharing.............Ermmm Tuesday (sorry, late again!!)

This is Hannah's favourite art book - 365 Things To Make and Do, from Usbourne Books.

It is fabulous, the projects range from simple 'do alone' art to the more complicated 'work together' collages and there is literally something for everyone in it.

Here are some of Hannah's favourite projects :

Sponge Printed Birds
Handprinted Butterflies.
Butterfly Garden Collage.

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Blog Award

We would like to say a big thank you to Gina at for passing this lovely award on to us. We're very happy you enjoy our blog as we love reading yours :-)

We would like to pass the award on to Verona at and Fiona at as we really enjoy both of your blogs.

Beach Buggin'

It was the annual Beach Buggin' show on Southsea common today, and we've spent the whole day there today! We all miss our campervan 'Daisy' who we had to part with 18 months ago, so it was really nice to be at the show and surrounded by VW's again. Here are a selection of pictures of Hannah posing alongside various vehicles!!