Tuesday, 30 November 2010

More Snow Pictures from today...................

Candles and Felting at Homeschooling Group

We have had a lovely meeting at our homeschooling group today. The children all made advent candles with sheets of bees wax, and then marked 25 days along it from top to bottom. We will light our candle each day in the count down to christmas.

Then we learned how to wet felt and made beads to use as tree decorations.

While we were finishing up the crafts it started to snow!! Only a light dusting, but it caused wild excitement in the playground!!!

After a lot of running around it was time to go back inside for our weekly dance session. Hannah loves this part of our meetings and asked if they could all learn some routines for christmas, so they started learning 'Santa Claus Is Coming To Town'.

It was supposed to be home time at 3pm, but two little girls had other ideas and embarked on a mission to make snowballs,
and they succeeded!!
Thank you to Sally for the lovely crafts today, Charmaine for the dance session and Mother Nature for the snow - it was a great day!

Sunday, 28 November 2010

This Weekend

This weekend started on Friday with a fun afternoon with our friends Lynn, Oshi and Finn from Being Us. Then it was a quick dash home for Hannah to see her friend and tutor, Claire. They did more work on story writing together and Hannah wrote about caring for a horse!

Hannah and Claire
Then yesterday we had our Home Schooling Group's belated Monster Ball! Hannah doesn't do scary costumes so she went as Holly, from 'Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom'

The ball was really, really fun!! Hannah joined in with all the games (very rare for her), and LOVED turning our host Charmaine into a toilet paper mummy :-)

Then having a toilet paper fight with her friends!! What a great party, thank you to Charmaine and her family for making it happen!
Hannah has also done lots of art work this weekend.

A christmas snowman
A Rainbow scene
And a funky fairyToday she has had a really nice playdate with one of her friends from Rainbows. We had a little snow flurry so of course the girls were overwhelmed with excitement and HAD to go to the park. It was a lot of fun though, and they had a fab time climbing fallen logs and spotting toadstools and fairy rings.

Keep your fingers crossed for more snow for us tomorrow, Hannah is desperate to go tobogganing!!

Thursday, 25 November 2010

I Made A Waldorf Doll!!

Hannah has wanted a Waldorf doll for ages, so when a couple of my friends said they were going to make one for their children i thought i might try to make one for Hannah too. I have never made anything before, and was really worried that i would mess it up and she'd be disappointed, but today i finished it - my first ever sewing project - and Hannah LOVES her :-) I'm so pleased, and am planning on making a few more things now i know i can!!

Charlotte The Doll
Lots of hugs!

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Home Schooling Group - Road Safety Session

Today at our Homeschooling Group the children were visited by the Road Safety Officer from our Local Council. They learned lots of fun, practical ways to stay safe on the city roads, and practised the Green Cross Code on the model road the officer brought with her.

Learning The Green Cross Code.

Then it was time to go outside and play in the adventure playground!!

Hannah and her friend Shazia playing on the grassy hill.The last part of our weekly session is music and dance, led by Shazia's mum. They learned the routine for 'Lets Go Fly A Kite' which is one of Hannah's favourite songs.

Finally today Hannah used the computer to do some reading and spelling, and then did some art on the Miffy website.
She is really enjoying using the computer for some of her lessons now, and i've noticed a big improvement in her spelling since she's been learning to Google search!!

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Sunday Fun

Hannah and i have had a lovely day together today. We haven't been shopping for ages, and haven't been toy shopping for even longer, but Hannah really needed a new helmet (she fell of her scooter last week and hit her brow bone pretty hard on the pavement - ouch!) so this morning we went to Toys R Us. That place is soooo hectic, but Hannah loved it! She was so excited looking at all the new toys, especially all the dolls and animal playsets.

Checking out the new toys!The christmas wish list is getting longer!
We did get a helmet (after at least an hour of browsing), and then it was lunchtime . Toys R Us is not actually near ANYWHERE, so we had to settle for the only food on offer - MacDonalds! Hannah was thrilled :-)
After lunch we set off to walk back to the nearest bus stop, which is about a mile away, but ended up detouring past our old house and on to Baffins Pond so Hannah could feed the ducks.

She also visited her favourite tree which she thinks looks just like the Magic Faraway TreeWhile we were doing that we missed the bus and had an hour to wait, so naturally we went to the playground.

While we were there we missed the next bus too - oops!! So we had to walk a bit further to pick up a different route. On the way we met a squirrel. He was gathering leaves to line his winter dray and was so friendly.
Hannah collected some leaves and left them at the base of the tree for him,
and then we watched while he carried them in his mouth, right to the top of the tree and
disappeared into the nest with them.

The nest is right in the centre of this picture, you can just make it out . It was a looooong way up!!
Hannah was so excited to have seen the squirrel building the dray - we are going to go back and check on him over the winter.
So, that was our sunday - hope yours was good too x

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

A quick catch-up

Over the last few days Hannah has been very busy! She has learned how to make woollen stars by weaving wool around a stick frame,

She has been to Auntie Anita's house and has helped her with her Guinea Pigs and Rabbits,

We have been to our Home-Schooling group and Hannah has learned some new dances and had a lovely time playing in the sunshine,

And finally, on the way home from our group we went shopping for a new winter hat as it has been very chilly recently - of course no shopping trip is complete without ice-cream, even in November!!!