Friday, 22 February 2013


This week has been half term holidays for all Hannah's friends who go to school, so on Wednesday we met her oldest friend Coral, and Coral's grandma, and went bowling.

Hannah was wildly excited to see Coral again and the girls had a really lovely day together.

There is just five days between these girls and they have known each other since before their first birthdays. They are always so happy together.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Daily Lessons

We are quite relaxed homeschoolers and mainly child led, but I do try to make sure that Hannah does some maths and some language arts every day to get her started. Sometimes it doesn't work out and we skip a day in favour of a field trip or activity, but today was one of those days where it all went pretty well so I took some pictures!!

In maths, Hannah is learning multiplication and finds her cuisenaire rods really helpful when it comes to the bigger numbers.

In Language arts she is learning about plurals and nouns and practising her writing.

So, how does Hannah like her lessons?

I think that means she likes them!!

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Hundred Acre Woods - A Sunday Walk

Hannah really wanted to go to the woods today, the weather was beautifully spring like and it was the perfect day for a walk in the woods, so we went to Hundred Acre near Wickham. It's Hannah's favourite wood as there is a little stream there that she loves to paddle in and explore.

Intrepid explorers always take Barbie along don't they??

Hannah and Dean, either side of the bridge, looking through the water tunnels to each other.

Ooops, my wellies are full of water!!

Hannah loves to spot fairy doors in the trees.

We had a lovely day, it was so good to get out in the woods - absolutely perfect!

History Group - Ford Madox Brown

This week in history group we looked at the Victorian artist Ford Madox Brown. I told the children a little bit about his life, and then we looked at some of his paintings.

We talked about the stories behind the paintings, the scenes and the characters, and answered some observational questions.

Next I asked the children to imagine a scene from their lives that they could show somone in 100 years time which would tell a little about what their lives are like today. Then they painted the scene they had imagined.
  This is Hannah's painting.

It has a tower block in the city, a tree, trampolining fun and MacDonalds!!

After the session the children all went off to play while the mums had a cup of tea, but they soon called us back to watch a play they had made up. It was lovely, they did a little Victorian sketch featuring all the people we have looked at in our sessions,

Here we have Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Charles Dickens, Sherlock Holmes, Queen Victoria and Florence Nightingale. They were awesome!

Wednesday, 13 February 2013


.........Hannah was feeling better, so we went to play at the adventure playground with our home schooling friends,

On the way home we stopped at the garden centre to look for a plant for the season table (we didn't find one) and while we were there it snowed!
Hannah was delighted!

Eating snowflakes!

At home again we set out the bird cakes we made yesterday,

They turned out really well!

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Shrove Tuesday

Hannah has a cold and wasn't feeling very well this morning so we decided to have a day at home instead of going to our home education group. As it is Shrove Tuesday we started the morning with pancakes! I made a big pile of them with fresh lemon and sugar and they were delicious!

Then we read about pancakes and Shrove Tuesday in our lovely Hawthorn Press book Festivals, Family and Food and Hannah wrote about pancake day in her journal.

I love that she drew herself carrying about 100 pancakes, she really likes them!

Then we decided to make a treat for the birds, We made some seed cakes to put on the bird tables in the morning by melting lard and mixing bird seed into it, then we poured it into little cake tins to set.

Hannah diced the lard and added it to the bowl

then melted it over a saucepan of water and added the seed.

she pressed the mixture into the tins

and left them to set!

After lunch we went outside to see what signs of spring we could find in the garden. We found that quite a lot of our plants are blooming already!


Winter Jasmine

Lots of Daffodils are coming up now




And finally, Hannah wrote about her rocking horse Rolfy in her journal and made a Moshi Monsters Magazine.

It was a really good day despite Hannah feeling under the weather!

Saturday, 9 February 2013


Hannah has been doing a lot of art this week. She loves to draw and paint and make cards. She has made 6 Valentine cards already!

Here are a few of this weeks pictures,

A Funky Hippy Van

Riding On Dillon

Daddy's Team Scoring A Goal!

Daddy's Ukulele