Monday, 27 January 2014

Weekend Bowling

This weekend Hannah spent a day with her friend Coral.

 The girls went bowling,

Played air hockey,

had lunch out and took their pocket money shopping in Hobbycraft. Hannah bought a new cross stitch set and had lots of fun with Coral!

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Sewing Projects and Dressing Up

On Tuesday Hannah had her friend Tess over for a play date. The girls were watching Minecraft videos on YouTube and decided to dress up as some of the characters they were watching. 

This is Hannah as someone called Amy Lee - hopefully this will mean something to you if you're a Minecraft fan. Unfortunately i am not, so i have no idea who she is but she looks cute!

And this is Hannah and Tess as 'The Nerds' - very nice girls..............................

While the girls were doing their thing, Tess's mum and I made tutu dresses for their American Girl dolls,

Aren't they lovely, and they were so easy to make! Hannah and Tess were really pleased with them.

On Thursday Hannah took her pocket money out shopping and bought herself a 'Make Your Own Rag Doll' kit. She really carefully sewed and stuffed her doll and was so pleased with the results. She has called her doll Daffodil and has been taking her to bed every night.

Monday, 20 January 2014

A Week Of Mostly Being Unwell !!

Hannah has been ill this week, a nasty winter bug which really knocked her off her feet.
Early on in the week she didn't feel too bad, and she went to her friends 'My Little Pony' birthday party as Twilight Sparkle.

We also did some winter tidying in the garden and cleared some borders and around the apple trees.

The rest of the week was given over to illness and  quiet indoor activities. Hannah did some clay modelling ,

Here is her pony in progress!

and she made pompom pets.

We also had lots of story reading. Hannah is reading 'Alexa The Fashion Reporter Fairy' from the Rainbow Fairy series, and together we are reading the Enid Blyton Mystery Series. Although Hannah is now a really good, fluent reader she still loves being read to, and i really enjoy reading all my old favourites to her.

Finally, after much pondering, we signed Hannah up for Minecraft. She had been showing interest in it for a while, and is so far really enjoying building her world and it certainly took her mind off of feeling so poorly!

Monday, 13 January 2014

Rag Dolly Felicity

Hannah made a mini rag doll over the weekend! She has never made anything totally from scratch before and was so pleased with the results.

It has really sparked her interest in sewing, and as she is feeling a little under the weather at the moment i think we'll stay home and get the sewing machine out tomorrow !

Friday, 10 January 2014

Playgrounds, Princesses and Monster High Creativity

The last few days have been fun! We've been out a lot more this week, we have been to the rugby club playground for some fresh and very damp air,

We've been to our Wednesday home education group at the adventure playground where Hannah met up with a few of her best friends and had a great time socialising and playing.

 We also spent yesterday with Hannah's friend Oscar at his house. Hannah and Oscar played minecraft, built lego worlds and played hide and seek all around Oscar's house!

At home Hannah has played dressing up as a princess ( apparently all princesses wear bright pink eye shadow!),

and she has been creating outfits and accessories for her monster high dolls.

This is Draculaura modelling the latest in denim wear!

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

A Winter Walk

Yesterday it stopped raining!!! It must have been the first dry day for about a month, so we took advantage of it and headed out for a blustery walk!

First stop was the playground as Hannah was very keen to play outside for a while!

snack time

 The playground and park were deserted but for a few hardy dog walkers.

We walked down the lanes under a bleak, wintery looking sky which was actually very beautiful. Hannah loved the bare branches silhouetted against the sky.

We passed some very soggy ponies - their field ran along side the Hermitage Stream and was so, so wet.

So many of the fields are flooded here!

We walked out over the railway line and towards the shore and Hannah spotted lots of wild rabbits and birds as we walked.

On the way home she discovered some Silver Birch trees - they are her favourite trees so that made her really happy!