Tuesday, 14 April 2015

A Special Day Out

This is my friend Chris and her husband.

We have known them since Hannah was a baby and they are the grandparents of Hannah's oldest friend Coral. When I was a new mum and didn't have any other mum friends I met Chris who was looking after Coral at that time. We became really good friends and went to all the playgroups and childrens activities together. Chris was always there for us and made those early days so much easier - she is a truely lovely person and has a very kind heart.

Sadly Chris has been ill for a few years , and recently stopped her treatment as it was no longer effective. She has decided to spend her last weeks making special memories for all her friends and family and really enjoying her time.

So, on Sunday Hannah and I went to Gunwharf Quays  with Chris, her husband and Coral.
We went to Spinnaker Tower where the girls danced on the Skywalk's glass floor 100 meters above sea level, did some landmark spotting from the viewing decks ( you can see for 23 miles in each direction ) and even went up to the Crows Nest viewing deck 110 meters up.

The Glass Floor!
 I pushed Chris in her wheelchair over the glass floor ..........neither of us looked down!

Up in the Crow's Nest
Hannah loved it!

Afterwards we had a lovely lunch out in the sunshine , and then the girls thought they would like to try sailing one of the boats at the Miniport.

Apparently it was harder than it looked and they spent quite a lot of time hitting the dock - they had fun though!

It was a really good day full of precious memories.................

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