Friday, 26 February 2016

Jaws 'N' Claws Workshop

We had a fantastic day in Horsham this week. We met up with some friends for a Jaws 'n' Claws workshop organised by a member of the local home education group. Hannah and her friends S and J had a great time in the (pretty good!) park there before the activity, picnic lunch and then the workshop.

It was run by Jaws n Claws (check them out), and Phil, the animal handler, was awesome. He was really interactive and great with the children, knowledgeable about all his animals, and really fun as well.

Phil with his beautiful tarantula Rosie, she was amazing!

 S and Hannah with Norman, the Blue Tongued Skink

Buster the Tree Frog

Steve the Royal Python

Winnie, the Redfoot Tortoise
After the workshop we went back to the park for more play and chat until the sun started to set and Hannah's friend had to get to gym.

Hannah and J  in the park.

Friday, 5 February 2016

At The Farm Again!

We have been back to Staunton again today with more friends, this time from Journey Unique. It's such a great place for a meet up!

 Today the tropical green house and pond were really popular! The girls spent a long time with their hands in the water while the tiny fishes nibbled at their fingers, so funny.


                                                      Rainforest plants.

Dinner time for the pigs.

and the emu!
We had a really good day, not much beats hanging out with friends for a fun, relaxed end to the week :-)

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Staunton Farm

We had a lovely day out yesterday with our friends from Purple Monkey Living whom we hadn't seen since before Christmas. We went to Staunton as all the children love it there. They spent a long, long time in the indoor play area climbing, chasing and doing gymnastics on the rubber carpet. We had a walk around, fed the animals and had a really nice catch up!

Such a good day, and it didn't even rain too much!

We Have An Allotment!

After over three years on the waiting list we have been given an allotment, and it's really close by as well which is great. It needs a bit of work, but I think it's going to be fantastic, as well as a really great learning opportunity for Hannah. She is very excited and already has a long list of fruit and vegetable to grow.