Tuesday, 17 May 2016

More Riding, More Beanie Boos.

Riding again this morning, and it was such a beautiful day that Hannah's instructor took the girls out for a ride in the woods. Hannah was very happy!

Then afterwards, on the way back through town to the train station, Hannah spent her pocket money on a new cat Beanie Boo. She loves those funny little creatures.

Friday, 13 May 2016

A Breath Of Fresh Air

Today we had friends over for a visit. The children were keen to go out, and it was a beautiful day so my friend suggested a walk around Warblington and Emsworth.

It was so nice there, and Hannah had so much fun.

 Super hero poses at the pond

Splashing about in the stream.

Playing in the woods.

 Getting stuck in the mud on the shoreline.

Fairy clocks

On the way back past the pond we were joined by some friendly cows,

Hannah and Finn spotted lots and lots of ladybirds in the wheat field,

and we saw and heard a skylark.

The children had such a great time that they want to go back again, but for much longer, and with boats!! So they came home and set about designing their own boats to build.

The S.S Twinkle and The Wasp!

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Another Week

This week has been pretty busy! 
On Monday we had friends from Purple Monkey Living over for a visit which was really nice. Hannah had a great time with her friends as did I with my friend! There was a lot of Tsum Tsum play and video making, and lots of laughing!

Then on Tuesday Hannah had a riding lesson with friends, she rode Murphy again and had a good lesson. I thought she looked more confident in the school this week.

Yesterday we were at Rackham for drama and play. Drama was really fun and Hannah had a great time seeing all her friends.

On the way home (on the train) the sun started to break through the rain clouds and the fields steamed. It looked so awesome, although Hannah thought it looked very spooky and Harry Potter like!

In contrast, today had been a beautiful sunny day and Hannah has done some art and photography in the garden, had a telephone call with her really good friend in America, and reorganised her room :-)

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Spring Bluebell Ride

On Tuesday Hannah spent the morning at the stables with her friends on a pony morning. She really does love being there, and helping with the ponies, and it is so good for her confidence as she often struggles to do things without me.
 For their ride the girls wanted to ride out as they had heard that the bluebells were out in the woods nearby. Their riding instructor went with them, and she took photo's for me - I'm so pleased she did as it looks beautiful.

Don't they look happy!

It was Hannah's first proper ride out and apparently was the best ride ever. She rode a different pony, one that she has only ridden a couple of times before, and came home declaring that he was absolutely perfect and he is her new favourite pony to ride!!

Meanwhile, my friend Jo and I had a lovely few hours sitting in the sun, chatting over coffee, and enjoying some rare moments of totally adult company.

Big thanks to Jo for the lovely company, and Anna for the gorgeous pictures :-)

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Rural And Seaside Show - Southsea

Yesterday Dean and Hannah had a father /daughter day out in Southsea at the Rural and Seaside Show.

Hannah really enjoyed it, especially the horses, scurry racing and border collie demonstrations. Dean didn't seem as impressed with the show content, but enjoyed spending the day with Hannah.

First stop was at Wild Thyme for a coconut!